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”And Naomi said unto Ruth her daughter-in-law…go thou with his maidens…so she kept fast by the maidens.”

Ruth heeded the advice of her mother-in-law. Do you take your own way, do your own thing, think you know best, or are you open to the advice and instruction of older and wiser persons? Ruth is a beautiful example of heeding advice. I well remember a day when my Dad gave me a piece of advice. Initially, I was not willing to heed. When I did, I was flooded with peace. Looking back, I can see how wise he was.

Proverbs 1:8 “…hear the instruction of thy Father…”
Proverbs 4:13 “…take hold of instruction…”
Proverbs 9:33 “…receive instruction and be wise and refuse it not.”
Proverbs 10:17 “He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction…”
Proverbs 12:18 “Poverty and shame are in him that refuseth instruction.”
Proverbs 15:5 “A fool despiseth instruction.”
Proverbs 15:32 “He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul.”

We all know people who did not heed instruction and ship-wrecked their lives or those who received instruction and were crowned with God’s blessing.

King Rehoboam asked advice concerning the yoke being made heavier or lighter upon his people. The older men’s advice was, “make it lighter and they will be thy servants forever.” The younger men said to add to their yoke. 1 Kings 12:13 says Rehoboam “forsook the old men’s counsel…”, and verse 19 says Israel rebelled.

We can deceive ourselves by asking counsel of those who are young and inexperienced or those who will say what we want to hear. Rehoboam should have taken the counsel of the older men; men of experience. Psalm 1 warns us against walking in the counsel of the ungodly.

Seek Biblical counsel.

~Elizabeth Lapp

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