Being Named

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 11:18 -- Joyce Long

“…but I have called you friends…” John 15:15

Children are said to live up to their names. Tell a child, “You are such a good worker!” and he will strive to be one. God has various names by which He calls us. He calls us His children, His friends, His sheep, His brethren, His heirs, His bride, His treasure. He likens us to birds, trees, branches, flowers, grass, clay, vessels, instruments, salt, light, and so many more. Once we know what we are, we understand better what we ought to be. If we are His children, we call Him Abba Father. We can be carefree and happy because He will take care of us. He loves us and we can utterly trust Him; He will provide for us. If we are God’s friends, we seek to please Him, love Him, acknowledge Him, talk to Him often, lean on Him, think about Him. If we are His sheep, He is our Shepherd. We heed His voice, stay close to Him, follow His leading, and revel in His care for us. If we are His heirs, we have an inheritance coming – something wonderful to look forward to! Peter tells us it is reserved in Heaven just for us, incorruptible, undefiled, and never fading. If we are His bride, there is a wedding and marriage feast awaiting us. He is preparing a place where we can be with Him forever. We are also His precious treasures (Exodus 19:5). A treasure is a prized possession that you would not give away, throw away, sell, trade, lose, or replace. It is something you love, cherish, protect, and keep forever. Being God’s precious treasures, we are convinced of His love, respond to it, and believe in our worth and purpose. Are you living up to your name?

~Elizabeth Lapp

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