Jesus to Jerusalem

Thu, 03/15/2012 - 11:42 -- Joyce Long

“And they understood none of these things…” Luke 18:34

Jesus foretold His death and resurrection to His disciples on their way to Jerusalem, the location of His death. The human response to such suffering would be to run from it, but Jesus walked toward it courageously. There must have been an ache in His heart and a longing for comfort and understanding for Him to share with His disciples. He told in detail what would happen: He was to be mocked, spitefully treated, spit upon, scourged, put to death, and yet would rise again. Along the way to Jerusalem Jesus taught and ministered to people in spite of the secret suffering in His heart. Can we, like Jesus, reach out to others and meet their needs even while we carry a secret grief? When we share our feelings, hurts, and pain, we long to be understood; but Jesus’s disciples did not understand. His talking about His death was so far from what they expected that they could not perceive what He was saying. Jesus was able to do His Father’s will, painful as it was, without human encouragement. For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross. In His mind, He saw a vast number of saints from all ages enjoying the bliss of Heaven, making Him willing to pay the price.
There is an afterward to our suffering if we respond in the right way, so let us endure whatever the cost may be.

~Elizabeth Lapp

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