Jesus Was Right Beside You

Fri, 12/09/2011 - 11:06 -- Joyce Long

For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Heb 13:5b

It seemed to Christa that last minute rushes before dinner were often her lot. This particular day was no different. She fumed to herself, wondering why on many days, this is the time that she gets so easily exasperated.

Racing to the table with the delightful toffee/chocolate cake that she had made for a special family treat, Christa hadn’t noticed baby Dylan’s truck in her pathway. As one foot landed smack on that truck, Christa sailed across the floor on its wheels and landed with a thud. The cake flew from her hands and slammed to the floor several feet in front of her with a terrible clatter. At that moment her immediate emotion was to flop her face in her hands and sob, to soothe her now overwhelmed feelings.

Just then Alyssa, who was two, from where she had been playing merrily in the living room burst into gales of laughter. “Mommy,” she exclaimed breathlessly, “You looked so funny.” She continued, “And, Jesus was right beside you.” She giggled some more and Christa’s troubled mommy-tears turned to hysterical laughter as she joined her little girl.

The little scene must have been delightful, but what caught my interest the most was Alyssa’s comment that “Jesus was right beside you.” Ever since she was tiny, she’s heard that statement quoted. Again and again in our family, we remind our little ones that “Jesus is right beside them.” It may be they scraped their knee, or there was a little tussle between siblings, a lost toy or a sadness of another sort. Whatever the joy or sorrow, the heavenly Father never leaves their side. Alyssa, at two years old, was learning this truth and speaking it into her mother’s moment of need.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, how thankful I am for Your promise to always be right with us. Amen.

Ponder: Memorize the verse in this devotional with your children. Make it a part of your every day to remind them that Jesus is right with and beside them.

~Donna Kauffman

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