Mud Mountains

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 11:40 -- Joyce Long

~by Donna Kauffman

But there is forgiveness with Thee. Psalms 130:4a

It was December and three of my grandchildren were enjoying a day at Grandma’s. Bob and I
were building a house next door to the one we were living in. All around the new house were piles of dirt. A few days earlier they had been covered with ice and snow making excellent sliding hills. However, in the past day or two the weather warmed and the snow melted.

On this particular day at Grandma’s house, Kyle (5), Sierra (5), and Kassie (4) decided to pull on snow pants and jackets to head out to play. About thirty minutes later they stumbled in the back door. All talking at once they began telling me about sliding on the mud mountains.

The word “mud” caught my attention as I turned to greet the lively trio, and MUD met my eyes. Ohhh, my heart sank. From their tiny chins to the bottoms of their feet, MUD covered these little ones .

It had been a busy day and my worn-out feelings surfaced. I looked at my precious grandchildren and declared, “Oh, I am so mad.” Their bright smiles faded in seconds.

I knew I had confused them. So often, no matter how they enter my doors, I am full of laughter and fun.

I tell them things like, “We can clean up this mud. I am so thankful when you get dirty. It tells me you are having so much fun.” I was sorry that I had disheartened Kyle, Sierra and Kassie so we began to yank off gooey, muddy, messy clothes with good-hearted fun. We learned together, in a better way than speaking mad words, that on muddy days we should find dry places for play. We also learned about Jesus’ loving forgiveness to us when we spue words that are unkind.

Prayer: Thank You, Father God, for Your loving forgiveness every time we ask. Amen.

Ponder: If you fail your children by saying unkind words today, don’t despair. Ask their forgiveness and the Father’s too.

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