Sara - The Model Wife

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 09:56 -- Joyce Long

“Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord...” I Peter 3:6

The Bible portrays Sara as the model wife. She obeyed Abraham and believed that in submitting to him she was submitting to God. Genesis 12 tells the story: There was a famine in the land, so Abram and Sarai moved to Egypt. Upon their arrival, Abram said to Sarai, “You are extremely beautiful. If the Egyptians see you and learn that you are my wife, they will kill me to have you. Tell everyone that you are my sister so I will be safe.”
Sarai could have gotten angry and replied, “That is a lie, and I will not! If I say I am your sister, the king might take me into his harem. You are thinking only of yourself, instead of me!” Instead, Sarai quietly submitted, believing that God was sovereign and would hold Abram, not her, accountable for any wrong decisions Abram made.
As Abram anticipated, Sarai was noticed for her beauty and taken to the king. But God intervened on her behalf and plagued Pharaoh and his house. Pharaoh blamed Abram, not Sarai, saying, “What have you done? Why did you lie, instead of telling me she was your wife? Take her and leave.”
When wives submit despite wrong things required of them by their husbands, God holds the husbands accountable. Many women cringe at the word 'submission,' but it provides beautiful protection for them. Sara is spoken of as a holy woman who trusted God. Are there still today holy women who trust God?

Can God count on you to be that kind of woman?

~Elizabeth Lapp

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