Wed, 02/23/2011 - 11:46 -- Joyce Long

“…think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you…” 1 Peter 4:12

When Peter wrote this, Christians were being burned at the stake. This may be why he says fiery trial. We today, in America, are not suffering physically because we are Christians. However, Satan is achieving his goal of destroying our faith in other ways. Although we are not suffering persecution, there is much suffering in America, even among Christians, because of drinking, drugs, divorce, child abuse, cancer, suicides, aids, teenage pregnancies, immorality of every kind, gambling, and other addictive behavior. Emotional suffering over the problems named can go on for years and years and bring deep, deep pain to all involved. Pain in a person’s heart is very real and no pill will take it away. When our pain is because of a loved one’s sin we cannot accept what they are doing, but we need to adapt to it. We have to find a way to cope, stay sane, and go on living.

First we churn. We feel like a knife has been plunged into our heart. Next we burn. If a drunkard kills our son or a spouse desserts us, we burn with anger at the cause of our pain. Next we yearn. Yearn for things to change. We want the good days to come back. The days when the children were happy and obedient. The days when our spouse loved us and we were a happy family. Next we learn. We learn a lot of things about life, God, ourselves and others. Finally we turn. After wearing ourselves out churning, burning, yearning and learning, we turn our problems over to God and say, Lord, I give it to you. Do whatever brings glory to you, in your time, and your way.

Are you in pain? Are you willing to turn it over to God?

~Elizabeth Lapp

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