They Paid for Our Meal

Wed, 12/28/2011 - 12:16 -- Joyce Long

“For they have refreshed my spirit and yours.” 1 Corinthians 16:18a

Glen and Rachel, with their family, stopped by a little restaurant on their way home from
town. Sierra (4) and Aleya (23 months) wiggled around on their chairs like normal little ones do. They ate their food cheerfully, chattering through the process. Jayden (3 months) and Jackson (2 months) slept awhile in their car seats. When the two woke up, they contentedly looked around at their surroundings.

A couple of older gentlemen came in and sat behind Glen’s family. These fellows ate their food and left. Soon the little family finished eating and went to
pay for their dinner.

The waitress shared a message from the men with Rachel and Glen. “The two men that sat behind you were very impressed with your beautiful family and well-behaved children. They paid your meal in full.”

Rachel and Glen stood speechless. They longed to thank these unknown men for their kind gesture. At last they turned, collected their family and went on home.

Just weeks before this, Glen had shared his burden of feeling like a failure with his parenting. He often wanted to despair at the less-than-perfect behavior of his little ones. The blessing of these two strangers ministered encouragement to Glen and Rachel. It
refreshed their spirits. They felt strength to continue seeking the Father for wisdom in raising their four children for Him.

Prayer: Father God, I ask You to minister encouragement to each parent that reads this
devotional. I also ask that You would speak to grandparents and friends to bless young families with encouraging words. Amen.

Ponder: Mothers, remember that you’re often doing a better job mothering than you think. Grandmothers, how about taking a few minutes today to bless a discouraged young mother with gracious words.

~Donna Kauffman

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